What if you could not only cross the finish line
of a Tough Mudder race but could do so
injury-free and feel strong enough to do it
a second time right then?

Team at Start Team at Finish

These are a couple of pictures of me with my team. If you notice there are a couple of similarities between the pictures. In both we are smiling, injury-free and feeling strong. The difference would be that at the finish we are covered in mud and alone as our fast pace left 95% of participants behind.

This type of result doesn’t just happen. And this is not a race for wimps. Or for those that aren’t mentally tough. This is the stuff that the British Special Forces puts together to train their elite.

This is 20 kilometres, or 13 miles, with up to 25 obstacles. In extreme conditions, cold water, fire, heights, confined spaces and electric shock!

Look closely and you’ll see the electric wire on my right eye. Ouch!

This is an event where many will talk of taking part but few will register.

Fewer will initiate a training program. Fewer will step up to the start line. Fewer will complete all of the obstacles. Fewer will make it across the finish line. Fewer will be injury-free. And fewer still will feel good enough to do it a second time right then and there.

So what if you could be in the top 1%?

How great would that feel? How would that change how you approach other challenges in your life? Do you think you could succeed at almost anything you set your mind?

Absolutely you could!

And here’s the thing...

This doesn’t even begin to address the physical transformation you will make as a result of all your training. Or the new training techniques and exercises you will learn along the way. Or how you will improve your nutritional habits. Or improve the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Not to mention the memories you will form from completing a race such as this. It would pretty amazing to see all of this become a reality.

But what if I told you there was a system that would guarantee finishing a Tough Mudder race?

It’s true and possible. And I will show you how.

Only $97 (one time payment)

But first let me tell you who I am. Chris Collins

My name is Chris Collins and I am the owner of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc in Kelowna, BC. As a certified strength & conditioning specialist I work with a number of clients ranging from post-rehab, body transformation to elite athletes. I am on the program advisory committee for a local college human kinetics program and have articles published in scientific journals. More specifically I am a 3x Tough Mudder competitor and World’s Toughest Mudder qualifier (top 5%). I have designed the program for and trained over 100 people who have stepped up to the start line and competed in Tough Mudder/World’s Toughest Mudder as well.

So my experience in my strength and conditioning business as well as competing in Tough Mudder events gives me a unique advantage when it comes to preparing for Tough Mudder.

In fact, I have often crossed paths with other local fitness businesses on the course and left them in the dust as I run past them. They have been asking me ‘what we do differently?’ to allow us to dominate them so effortlessly.

And really the answer comes down to how we write programs for our clients and athletes. This is our ‘secret sauce’ which our competitors would love to have a taste.

So what makes our program different? We for starters it is:

  • Needs based – We program the exercises you need to overcome any obstacle thrown at you on race day. If you’re thinking of any traditional bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, WOD or other program than you’re wrong. We took the time to do a needs-analysis of this event and carefully select the movements and exercises which will translate to success in Tough Mudder.
  • Based on proper energy system development – You’ll have the energy to explode up Mount Everest (google this is you’re not familiar), carry a team-mate on your shoulders, run for 20 plus kilometers and scale steep climbs. Even though this is a 20 km long race we don’t simply program in long, steady-state runs of this distance. Who has time for that? Plus it’s boring as hell!
  • Progressive – This program builds as you go and allows you to continually improve as you go. The movements and exercises get more challenging as your fitness improves. There are novel tweaks to continually make the program more Tough Mudder specific.
  • Full of variety – You will do a number of different exercises and movements, many that you may not have done before. If you like change and enjoy trying new things than this is the program for you.
  • Proven – As I mentioned above we have had 100% success with clients using this program and completing Tough Mudder. And when you check out the fitness and physiques of our clients they really stand out at the finish line. (check us out below)
  • Tougher than the race – You will find that completing all of the training sessions in this program will have you feeling that your training was tougher than the actual event. And it’s way more enjoyable to do the event when you’re in shape for something than being the weak-link on your team. Nothing worse than feeling physically and mentally beaten.
Me and my team

And trust me...having the right program from day 1 makes all the difference. Because there are enough problems with training for Tough Mudder including:

  • Where to start? What do I do first? How much should I do?
  • What types of lifts should I emphasize? Are there any special modifications I should make to ensure the training is as specific as possible?
  • How do I prepare for Tough Mudder while still having a life? Can I prepare for this event without having to run 20 km and do marathon gym workouts?
  • Can I train in a way that helps to prevent the potential for injury? In Whistler for example 17,000 people took part of which it is estimated 15% suffered some type of injury. How can you train to minimize the chance you won’t be one of the over 2500 who will be injured at the end?
  • Wondering if your efforts are simply making you tired and sore or if they are leading to a successful outcome?

But that’s where you’re in luck. This program works. All your bases are covered with this comprehensive program which includes:

  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Training Program – You get all the lifting and energy system workouts necessary for you to compete in a Tough Mudder event. We make it as simple as possible by telling you exactly what to do on each day. Printable excel spreadsheets allow you to fill in your training loads as you progress. ($197 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Training Program HD Videos – While you may be familiar with every workout listed in the program it never hurts to have a video version to refer to and ensure your form is spot on. ($97 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Gear – A major factor of how well you will do and how comfortable you will be during Tough Mudder has to do with how you dress for the event. We have over 100 individuals that have done Tough Mudder races and so we have an idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to how to gear up for a Tough Mudder event. This report has you cs, literally. ($37 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Obstacles – Some of the obstacles you will face will be physical in nature and depend on your strength, power and overall fitness. Other ones will test your fear of heights, confined spaces, cold and other elements. And there are certain tricks to make some of the obstacles a little less challenging than they need to be. Make sure to read through this report to gleam as much insight as possible as to how to best approach and conquer each obstacle. ($37 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Nutrition – Once you’ve completed all the training you aren’t ready to race just yet. You need to consider how you will fuel your body and with which nutrients, how much and when. As well, we give you some tips as to what you eat or drink while out on the course. ($57 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Mobility – When you start a new training program you develop tension in the body. Learn how to warm-up and optimize your range of motion before training as well as the race itself. ($37 value)
  • Phone Coaching Calls – Once you get started you’ll have questions. And so with this program you get two coaching calls to answer any of your Tough Mudder training questions. ($147 value)

Only $97 (one time payment)

You will get everything you need to prepare and compete in Tough Mudder. After every race we complete I sit down, make notes and evaluate the plan we used.

In fact after the most recent Tough Mudder I completed one of our clients crossed the finish line saying:

‘Don’t change a thing!’

Because he knows I always like to tinker with programs and always try to improve upon what we’ve done in the past. But in this case we only had 5 weeks to get ready for Tough Mudder and we followed a modified version of the program and still finished among the overall leaders.

But don’t just take my word for it. See what the following people had to say about following this program.

The Tough Mudder training program, set up by Okanagan Peak Performance Inc, was a definite asset in completing the Tough Mudder challenge held at Whistler in June 2012. The program helped to increase endurance to last the entirety of the 19.2km challenge with ease. I felt as though I could have gone for a second lap on the course! Knowing that there was going to be a lot of hill running in the challenge I was a little deterred when we started the sand hill training. I felt as though this was going to be my weakness when it came to completing TM. However with the training program in place and commitment to the program my times went down and my number of completions went up. I enjoyed this program because it pushed my body to go longer and harder at every exercise over the course of the 3 months, which allowed me to complete the challenge with ease.

Paulo Cristini
Kelowna, BC
World’s Toughest Mudder Qualifier & Competitor

Jim McKitrick
Kelowna, BC

Jordyn Kreller
Lake Country, BC

Rosie McKitrick
Kelowna, BC

Megan Gorges
Kelowna, BC

Hey my name is Kayla and I'm a proud supporter of Okanagan Peak Performance Inc and their training programs. Recently, I participated with an amazing all girls team sponsored by OPP in not only completing but competing in the tough mudder race up in Whistler. It was a blast! The training program which my teammates and I followed was incredible. It definitely prepared us to compete in this challenging endurance course. When I go to train, I personally love the feeling of being completely exhausted by the end of it. I have followed some programs (not by OPP) and finished the training session feeling like I hadn't accomplished much at all or been pushed to my greatest limits. This program was completely opposite. Every session I ended feeling like I had nothing left to give and it definitely over prepared me for this race. Tough mudder was definitely a mind over matter endurance race and working through this training program not only physically prepared me for the toughest obstacles but mentally prepared me as well. I knew after all the work I put in that there was nothing stopping me or my teammates from finishing that race knowing we trained as hard as we did Had I not used this program, I honestly think I may have passed out maybe mile 2, if I was lucky to make it that far. Thank you Okanagan Peak Performance Inc for pushing me to my limits once again :)

Kayla Ungaro
Langley, BC

'This tough mudder training program helped prepare me for every aspect of the event and the varying exercises kept me interested and looking forward to my workouts. The way it is designed with each activity gradually progressing each week helped me peak at the right time and ensured that I didn't over train in the beginning and injure myself.

I was very nervous about the running component of the event as I am not an endurance athlete. The program breaks out run training into shuttles (which are high intensity but lower distance) and tempo runs (a little longer run, but with regular recovery periods). I was amazed at the effectiveness of this structure and the impact it had during the event. I typically never ran more than 3 miles as I found it too hard on my knees. During the event I made it through the 12 miles and felt like I still had some distance left in me at the end.

This is an all around great program that I would recommend highly to anyone training for a Tough Mudder, or obstacle course event.'

Nick Fane
Kelowna, BC
World’s Toughest Mudder Qualifier

Now you might be thinking what would a program of this type be worth? Well if we break it down Tough Mudder definitely has a financial commitment associated with it. When you consider the costs of:

  • Registration – the earlier the better ($100 min)
  • Travel – gas or flights to get to the race ($100 or more)
  • Accommodations – hotels in Whistler aren’t cheap (2 nights could be $300)
  • Food – meals before and after the race and maybe some type of fuel during ($100)
  • Gear – whatever you are prepared to throw away ($100)
  • Injury – hospital, physiotherapy, time off work ($$$)

It’s easy to see how doing this type of race could easily total $500-$1000. And hopefully you aren’t one of the 15% that suffers an injury during the race and then has time off work, days missed from school as well as physiotherapy appointments and other costs.

There is no way someone can risk not being ready for this race. Not only so that all the financial investments are justified and so you enjoy the process but so you stay healthy throughout the event.

And while the components of this product are worth over $600 you won’t even pay that for the entire package. Heck, even if you went and spent one hour with a personal trainer, which could be $75 or more, you wouldn’t get the same specialized and comprehensive information contained in this product.

Just to put this in perspective we normally charge $150 to write up a program for a client. However with this product you get the program plus all the other bonuses for only $97.

To summarize you get:

  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Training Program ($197 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Training Program HD Videos ($97 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Gear ($37 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Obstacles ($57 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Nutrition ($37 value)
  • The Unofficial Tough Mudder Mobility ($37 value)
  • Two coaching calls ($147 value)

When you consider the combined value of the product and your other costs will total over $1000 the Unofficial Tough Mudder Training Program is a steal at only $97.

Don’t make the mistake of investing in everything else for this event e.g. registration, hotel, travel, food, gear etc and then skimp on the investment in your training. Click here and join the 100 other individuals who have successfully and safely completed Tough Mudder.

Only $97 (one time payment)


If you still have some questions here are some answers.

  1. Will I be able to complete Tough Mudder?
  2. If you follow the program as it is laid in its entirety than I have no doubt that not only will you be able to complete Tough Mudder but you will be able to enjoy it as well.

  3. Can I combine this program with others out there?
  4. You will get the best results by picking one and following one program. It makes me think of someone playing roulette at the casino and thinking they better their odds of winning by betting on every number on the table. Even IF your number comes up you haven’t really won. And for most people their number doesn’t come up and they definitely end up losing.

  5. Am I going to be able to complete all of the obstacles?
  6. I can only speak to the physicality of the obstacles and say that this program will have you more than prepared to climb every mountain, scale every wall and overcome anything of a physical nature that will challenge you on race. However when it comes to personal phobias and specific health limitations, I can’t claim to alleviate your fear of heights, or confined spaces or even cold water. Plus if you have a heart condition there are going to certain obstacles that you shouldn’t even attempt.

  7. Will my regular fitness training, Bootcamp or WODs prepare me adequately for Tough Mudder?
  8. I can’t speak to the quality of the program you are currently following. What I do know is that most people are under-prepared for Tough Mudder. And this includes many people following popular fitness programs, WODs, Zumba-fests etc. By nature the emphasis of our business is designing programs to help our clients achieve better results in less time. And we have a program that has been tested numerous times by a variety of clientele who have all realized tremendous results by following it. Case in point...lots of fitness businesses claim to be able to help prepare you for Tough Mudder but none have a program they are willing to put out there for all to see and use. If they don’t have 100% faith in their product than why should you?

  9. Will I look amazing in my Tough Mudder pictures?
  10. Unless you chose the right parents, probably not. But in the pool or hot tub after the event you will draw stares at the transformation that has taken place with your physique.

  11. Can I use this program for other obstacle style mud runs?
  12. While this program is specifically designed for courses that are 20 km in length and have obstacles similar to what you tend to see on a Tough Mudder course you could use it to prepare for other events.

  13. What if I’m not satisfied?
  14. Tell you what...I’m 100% confident that this program will work for anyone. And if you give it your best and follow it through to the finish you will succeed. However at any point if you feel it doesn’t meet your expectations simply let us know and we’ll refund your purchase 100%. No questions asked.

Only $97 (one time payment)

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